Healer goes out of their way to accommodate the needs of the client or whoever is booking the band. The band provides services above and beyond simply playing songs, they also: -

  • Provide recorded music on CD while on breaks so the music never stops. The music can be CDs that either the client or the band can provide.
  • Take requests to add to their repertoire prior to the reception, and will accommodate as many requests as they can during the performance.
  • Provide a state-of-the-art professional sound system to ensure clear sound at an acceptable volume.
  • Work with client and wedding coordinator to ensure a good flow to the reception and will help to solve any problems that may arise to make the reception a complete success.
  • Always present themselves in a professional manner.

Q. How do I book the band?

A. Check with Healer/Damian Morgan that the band is available on your date. If they are, then booking contracts will be drawn up for you and the band. Details required to complete the booking forms are these: -

  • Event date
  • Venue address
  • Address for booking forms
  • Telephone numbers for venue and person booking band
  • Time you want band to perform, and which package you require (2 x 45 minutes/3 x 45 minutes with DJ etc)
  • Contact name and number for the day

Forms will be completed by the agent and posted to you and you will sign and return them along with a deposit cheque. The booking is then signed and sealed and all you have to do is look forward to a great band playing for you and your guests!

Q. Will I be able to see Healer play ‘live’ before I book them?

A. Once the wedding season kicks in you would need to go to someone else's wedding if you are to view the band. Not unreasonably, most bridal couples aren't too keen on strangers dropping in on their celebrations, so this isn't always easy to arrange. Also, most bands have relatively few engagements between January and the end of April (the time of year that most bookings are made), and since Healer do not take provisional bookings, by the time a client gets to see the band they may well no longer be available, although we always keep you informed if there are other enquiries coming in for your date.

Q. How much stage space does Healer require?

A. Healer will require a stage area approximately 5 meters wide x 4 meters deep. They will have PA speakers positioned either side and in front of them and possibly lighting equipment stands either side or over the top of the performance area.

Q. What power supply do the band need?

A. Check that the venue has at least 3-4 standard plug sockets in very close proximity to the bands performance area. Healer will bring extension leads and multi-plug adapters as required. Sockets preferably need to be on separate fuses at the consumer unit. In some circumstances overloading may occur if the supply is shared with anyone else, which is outside of the band’s control.

Q. What if the reception is in a marquee?

A. If you’re holding an event in a Marquee, arrange with the Marquee hire company that a sufficiently powerful generator be provided, or that a dedicated outdoor electricity supply with at least 2 plug sockets is made available exclusively to the band, or two separate indoor ones. This supply should not be shared with any one else or overloading may occur.

Q. How disruptive is set-up and when does it occur?

A. The band usually set up an hour before performance, and set-up is not disruptive at all - the band are very discreet and surprisingly quiet when setting up the equipment. It’s possible that Healer may be required to arrive and set up before guests arrive, or after a sit down meal during the period in which the venue re-set tables and re-arrange the room. In any instance, the preferred arrival time for most evening functions is between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Check with your venue which times will be most convenient for them. Every venue has its own preferred method. It may not be possible for a band to sound check earlier in the day if other rooms close by are in use by other venue guests, even if this is your preferred schedule. Healer charge an additional fee to arrive and set up prior to a meal. ‘Waiting’ fees are charged at £40.00 hour for every hour before the standard set-up times. Sound check time is required by Healer to mix instrument volume levels, fine tune equipment settings and get the show prepared.

Q. Do I need to be mindful of issues regarding access?

A. Yes! Check in advance that the band has easy access to the function room. Huge flights of stairs and very long corridors make loading time increase to the point that your event schedule could be seriously affected. If the band cannot park and unload their equipment within 50 yards of the room, or if they must carry equipment up more than one flight of stairs, please ask the venue to provide trolleys and specialist lifting equipment as required. Alternatively, please arrange with the venue that several strong male members of the venue staff are made available to help the band load in. If lifts are required to move equipment please arrange with the venue that they are exclusively for the use of the band during the periods required to finish loading in and out. Some busy venues can have lift systems, which take 20 minutes or more to return, pushing the band way off schedule for setting up.

Q. Does the band require a dressing room?

A. If possible, yes please. You can usually arrange with the venue that the band has a room to change in. This should be well lit, private and secure, with enough tables and seating for the entire band. If possible, close access private toilets and washing areas are preferred. If the band is required to arrive early and wait more than 60 minutes before their performance, it is essential that their waiting room is comfortable. Comfortable seating should be available with access to food and refreshments. Healer will be bringing a twin CD deck if they are DJing so electricity supplies will be required in their room. The band should be shown their room upon arrival and should have sole access to the room from arrival until the time when they depart.

Q. Should I provide a ‘Rider’ (Drinks and refreshments)?

A. If possible. If you can provide a basic food and drinks rider, which you should arrange with the venue to be left in their room, that’s great, otherwise the band will tag on the end of your buffet queue. If the band’s rider includes hot food, you should arrange with the venue that this be served to the band either in the venue restaurant or else in their changing room. It is important that soft drinks and water are provided in advance to the bands changing room and not left for the band to fetch from the bar. It is important that arrangements be made with bar staff so that should additional soft drinks or bottled water be required, the band don’t have to queue up for them, or explain to the bar staff that their drinks are on a rider. An average band rider will include: soft drinks as required, mineral water as required, tea and coffee as required, one hot meal per band member and crew if the band is required to set up early and miss a mealtime.